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Visapur Fort – The waterfall trek

The Visapur Fort trek is a one-day trek around Mumbai and Pune. It shares a common ground with the trail to Lohagad to an extent, hence famous as Twin Fort of Lohagad.

Visapur Fort is larger and at a higher elevation than its twin fort-┬áLohagad. Within the fort are caves, cisterns of water, a decorated arch and old houses. These two roofless buildings surrounded by outer or veranda walls said to have once been Government offices. The ruins of a large stone-built house are known as the Peshwa’s palace. In addition to a huge carving of Hanuman, there are also several temples dedicated to him scattered all over the place

Unlike the inner structure, the majority of its wall is still intact. At a moderate pace, it takes two hours to walk along the winding Visapoor walls. It is high and strengthened by towers along the west face. In other parts, the wall varies from 3 feet thick fortification, backed by masonry platforms where the slope of the hill is easy, to a mere parapet of dry stone where the plateau ends in a precipice. Two massive bastions still flank the ruined central gate.

Best Part: Trail through waterfall.

Last 30 Mins of the trek goes through the waterfall which is the best part of the trek.

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